Friday, September 3, 2010

Uuuu ...

Firstly , assalamualaikum ! Haha  , dah lame tak update blog .. cause i don't know what to write , what to post ?! HAHA , but this time ape yg terlintas kat kepala , i will just write it then ..Hurm , mula-mula nak tulis yang start hari ni nak terus menerus g solat tarawih sblm blk hometown hari rabu depan , and nak siapkan jugak homework yg melambak-melambak cikgu kasi at least half of them .. HUH ! and kwn kwn rapat saya time elementary school dulu dah blk , bolehlah jumpe dorg time solat tarawih , bersemangat sikit nak solat kan ! HEHE . bestnye , rindu dorg you know . nnti time blk kampung utk celebrate raya , MESTI TERPAKSA lyn cite ultraman banyak banyak , cause adik adik dgn adik sedara minat cite ultraman tuh , habislah boring hidup ni nnti . takpelah , time dorg tidur , kite tukar channel lain kan ? HAHA . adik adik sedara yang tak seberapa comel ... kikikikiki ... aigoooo , boring . nak tulis ape ? nak ckp psl raye tunggu post yg selepas ni KAY ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


hey , it's my first time in life online fb with him . but he doesn't know me , guess i should be ashamed of myself . INGAT ALLAH MELIHAT KITE . dahlah x g tarawih , ade hati nak menggatal dgn anak org pulak . apelah aku nieh ! KEHKEHKEH .

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well , let me introduce to my hubbie . MR Nichkhun ! Hahahahaha , my life is soooo happy with him bye my side . By my side ? ECHEHHHH . But , can't deny , I really love him . Saranghae oppa ! Oppa , kiyoptaa !

Lonely ..

Well , assalamualaikum ! Did you guys ever felt that you are losing all your best friends ? Before, i have felt this lonely feeling , but that was when i'm in standard 3 or maybe 4 . That time i dunno anything about feelings, sad, lonely or ANYTHING about this little thingy called feelings . But now, i kept thinking that all my friends had gone, they just change and be the other side of them , just only a few friends of mine that never changed . whenever they come back from sbp , they will call me , text me , and ask me to hang out with them . but my other friends , especially my BESTFRIENDS , they just change and change and just keep going far and further from me ..............................

Friday, August 20, 2010


well , congrats to my old friend named Azrul Hisyam ! He is my blog's first viewer. AJUL , kau baik kan . jgn komen buruk buruk tau . terime kasih .  hahahaha . that's all . my eyes are gonna closed . huarghhhhhhh , where's my bed ? hihhihihihi , ofcourse in my room . nitey nite everyone !

new blog is coming !

hi folks ! well , my last blog is just ,urgghhhh ! nape tak leh bukak ni ?  then i decide to make this new one . just let that old one , cause i just post one entry . haha , hope this thingy will last longer ! support me guys !